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July 18, 2012
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You numbly shut the TV off and begin making Matsuda a sandwich and some coffee. All the while you can't get over what you just saw.

"It has to be Kira. No one else would have been able to kill him with a heart attack. I've been looking for that man for three years and he's finally dead now. It's all thanks to him." You place the food on a tray and gently nudge Matsuda's door open with your behind. You see him lying face down on his pillow and sighing audibly.

"Hey, made you some food. Hope you're hungry." You set the tray down next to him and sit on the bed. Matsuda looks at the food and smiles.

"Ah thanks [name]. You always are so nice and sweet." He begins eating and you think about what to talk about.

"So I met Chief Yagami's son today, Light. He seems like a nice guy." You tuck a piece of hair behind your ear as you think about your encounter today.

"Really?! That's awesome! Light's a swell guy, he's so helpful and smart! Where did you meet him at?" Matsuda grins as he sips his coffee.

"I was going to the police station when I ran into him, literally. He helped me with my things and I started to talk to him for a bit. Oh that reminds me!" You speed out of the room and grab the magazine you bought. You plop back onto the bed and grin. "Tada! For you."

"Whoa it has Misa Misa on the cover! Thanks a lot!!" He skims through the magazine for a bit before checking the time on his alarm clock. "Oh man! I have to get back to the station! The chief's gonna yell at me. Thanks for the food and book [name]! I'll call you later!" he grabs his coat and speeds out the door, scattering papers everywhere.  You shake your head and clean up the house before grabbing your coat to head out again.

You walk around a little bit wondering what to do. The house is too boring and you need a breather after that news report. You decide to get some dessert so you head over to your favorite café which has the best [favorite dessert] you've ever tasted. You walk in and request a table for one in the back. The waiter grabs a menu and leads you to the back before a familiar voice catches your attention.

"Well nice to see you so soon [name]." You turn to the source and immediately feel your cheeks grow hot. Light Yagami is sitting in a nearby booth, sipping coffee and smiling at you.

"Waiter she can sit with me." The waiter nods and places the menu opposite of Light and leaves. You scoot into the booth and look down, feeling your ears burning now.
Yay next chapter! Sorry if things seem to be going slooooooowwww I'm trying to pick up the pace. As always comments are always appreciated and helps improve my skills!

Chapter 6: [link]
Chapter 7: Here~
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