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July 6, 2013
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You nervously smooth out your skirt as you check your face and hair in the mirror. Izaya and Shizuo invited you to their high school reunion at Raira so you’re busy getting ready and making sure you look presentable.

“I’m so nervous, what if they don’t like what I’m wearing? What if I make a fool of myself and embarrass them?” You nervously tug at your white dress shirt collar and stare at yourself in the mirror, frowning and making wrinkles in your forehead. You jump when you hear the doorbell ring and bump your head into the mirror, wincing from the pain.

You hurriedly apply some lip gloss before walking down the stairs. Opening the door, you blush at the sight of Shizuo and Izaya dressed in black tuxedos, Shizuo’s shirt unbuttoned at the top and Izaya wearing a silky black tie around his neck.

“Hey [name] are you ready to get going?” You nod timidly and Shizuo smiles at you, extending his hand out for you. You take his hand and close the door behind you, locking it and placing the key into your skirt pocket.

“You look gorgeous [name]. That skirt is very flattering on you.” Izaya chuckles and places a hand on your shoulder, leaning in close to your ear. “But it might look even better lying on the floor tonight.”

You blush brightly at Izaya’s perverse comment and lift a hand up to cover your red face. Shizuo growls softly and grabs the front of Izaya’s shirt, pulling him close to his face. “You better watch your mouth Izaya; it’s bad enough I have to be with you during this reunion. But you best stay away from [name] tonight unless you want your face in the pavement,” Shizuo hisses out.

Izaya laughs and lifts his hands up defensively. “It was a joke Shizu-chan! You should learn to lighten up; we’re supposed to have fun and you don’t want to ruin the night for our guest do you?”

Shizuo sighs and releases Izaya, stuffing his hands in his pockets. You gently touch his arm and smile softly, making the blonde smile as well. After a moment a black limousine rolls up the driveway, ready to take the three of you to Raira. Izaya opens the door for you while Shizuo goes around to the other side. As you enter the car, you feel a slight pinch on your bottom. You look over your shoulder and see Izaya giving you a perverted smirk.

You feel your face grow hot and quickly scoot into the car, Izaya coming in after you and closing the car door. You see that you are sandwiched between Shizuo and Izaya with hardly any room to move. You smile nervously and look at the ground. “How long is it to Raira?”

“About 20 minutes or so from your house. Damnit Izaya did you really have to get the smallest car available? I can barely move my arms,” Shizuo mutters out as he tries to look out the window with difficulty.

“We’re all friends here right Shizu-chan? We can afford to be a little close to each other. I know I certainly don’t mind being close to [name].” You feel Izaya’s hand on your thigh, making you gasp in surprise. You hear Shizuo growl his disapproval but continue to stare out the window, not noticing what the raven is doing.

The three of you drive to Raira in silence, your face becoming more and more flustered as Izaya moves his hand up and down your thigh. You exhale the breath you didn’t know you were holding when the driver finally stops in front of the school. Shizuo immediately jumps out of the car, grunting when he hears his knees pop audibly. He reaches inside the limo to gently take your hand and help you out of the car.

Izaya adjusts his tie before smiling widely. “Back at our old school. It’s been awhile eh Shizu-chan? I can remember the day we graduated like it was yesterday.”

Shizuo scoffs and places a hand in his pocket, walking towards the entrance of the school. “It hasn’t been long enough; I really didn’t want to be back here especially with you. I wish I could’ve wiped you off the face of the Earth back at graduation. This place was a hellhole and it was all your fault.”

Izaya chuckles and grabs your hand, leading you inside the building. “Glad you still have fond memories of this place, I know I certainly do.”


Inside the gymnasium where the reunion is being held, you see that the room has been decorated with huge tables filled with flowers, banners hanging from the ceiling, a dance floor in the middle of the gym, and a long buffet table filled with various foods.

You stare in awe at the crowd of people already gathering in the room and chatting amongst themselves. “Did you guys really have this many people in your class?” you ask quietly as you take a good look around.

“Yeah we did! Well most people have families and dates they brought along for the reunion but we did have a pretty big class from what I remember.” You jump in shock and tightly cling to Izaya’s arm when Shinra’s face appears out of nowhere in front of you. Shizuo narrows his eyes at you clutching Izaya’s arm and turns his glare to the bespectacled doctor.

“Watch it Shinra! You shouldn’t be scaring people like that.” Shinra rubs the back of his head nervously and apologizes for scaring you.

“I don’t mind if you scare [name] a little Shinra. She’s cute when she’s scared and jumpy.” You blush and let go of Izaya’s arm, tucking a stray piece of hair behind your ear.

Shinra laughs and drinks from his punch cup, pushing his glasses up on his face. “Is it alright if I stick with you guys for the night? I would’ve brought Celty but she doesn’t like crowds too much so she decided to stay home. It’s probably for the best though because I wouldn’t want any of our old classmates to try and steal her away from me.”

Shizuo rubs his temples in irritation and turns to you, holding out his hand. “Would you like to go to the food table with me? I need a drink.” You nod and timidly take his hand. Izaya snickers and waves to the two of you.

“Good thing there isn’t any alcohol around right Shizu-chan? We wouldn’t want you taking advantage of poor [name] when she’s not sober!” You bury your face in Shizuo’s arm at Izaya’s outburst, hoping many people don’t hear him. You hear Shinra laughing along with the raven and hurriedly rush Shizuo to the table.

“I’m sorry that he has to be here, I don’t like him bothering you,” Shizuo sighs out as he pours two cups of punch and hands one to you. You accept the drink gratefully and hope the coldness of the liquid will help ease the redness on your cheeks.

“I-I don’t mind too much. I have known Izaya for a while now so I-I’m used to stuff like that,” you stutter out nervously. The blonde smiles and pats you on the head, moving his hand to rest on your cheek. Shizuo can’t help but smile every time you stutter because he thinks it’s one of the many adorable qualities of you.

“Would you want to sit down with me for a bit? I’m feeling tired all of a sudden.” You nod and look away as you feel Shizuo’s hand on your cheek. You always get embarrassed when Shizuo and Izaya touch your face, you just can’t seem to help it.

Shizuo leads you to a table and pulls out the chair for you before sitting down next to you. You sip your punch slowly as you look around and see people talking, getting food, laughing, and stand around waiting for others.

You finish your punch as a slow song begins to play through the speakers, making everyone rush to the dance floor and grab a partner. Shizuo coughs once to grab your attention and rubs the back of his head, a pink tint dusting his cheeks.

“Would you, uh, like to dance? I mean if you want to of course. I’m not really a good dancer so this might not be fun for you. But I don’t know, it could be fun.” You giggle at Shizuo’s rambling and nod your head. Shizuo smiles in relief and stands up from the table, taking your hand and leading you to the middle of the gym.

He holds one of your hands as he places the other on your waist, you taking your free hand to rest on his shoulder. Shizuo pulls you in close to his body and begins leading you in a slow waltz, looking away in embarrassment. “I’m sorry I’m not a great dancer, I hardly know how to dance. I only know a few steps of waltz because Shinra taught me before.”

Your cheeks grow red from being so close to Shizuo but you smile and follow him as he leads you. “I-I think you’re a good dancer Shizuo, better than what I could do. I-I’m really clumsy and not good on my feet.” The blonde beams at your compliment and squeezes your hand lightly.

“Well I’m glad you think so. That makes me feel better about myself and all. I promise I won’t step on your feet because that’ll, you know, hurt a lot coming from me.” You giggle at his attempt at a joke and look into his caramel eyes as the music washes over you. You’ve always thought the blonde was very sweet and caring but you were too shy to actually admit it.

The two of you continue to dance for a little bit when you feel a tap on your shoulder. You stop dancing and look over your shoulder, seeing Izaya smiling widely with a girl next to him. “So sorry to interrupt but you remember Yumi don’t you Shizu-chan? She would love a dance with you real badly.”

The girl waves shyly to Shizuo and you see the blonde forcing a small smile on his face. “Sure I’ll dance with you Yumi. We’ll just continue our dance later alright [name]?” He reluctantly lets go of your hand and leads Yumi away from you to begin dancing.

Izaya chuckles and grabs your hand and waist, pulling you close to his body. You yelp in surprise and blush when you are extremely close to Izaya’s face. “Since Shizu-chan is busy, why don’t we dance together?” The slow song that was playing ends and another slow song starts to play.

Izaya begins waltzing with you and you can instantly tell the difference in experience between him and Shizuo. Izaya is more confident in leading and dances with a graceful manner while Shizuo is slower and a little more awkward with his waltz.

You are amazed at how well Izaya dances, not expecting that at all from the informant. “I-I didn’t know you knew how to dance Izaya. Especially something like waltz.”

“There are many things you don’t know about me dear [name]. I’m full of surprises.” You feel your blush darken as he purrs out the last part of his sentence. You wonder how to respond before you feel warm lips on your own. Your eyes widen in shock and surprise as Izaya kisses you softly. His kiss is so warm and you can’t help but feel your body start to melt.

“IZZZZZZAAAAAYYYYYYAAAA!” Izaya breaks the kiss when he hears his name being screamed and chuckles.

“Looks like Shizu-chan is a bit mad right now. We’ll have to continue this later,” he says seductively before breaking out into a sprint. You see Shizuo run past you after the raven, his teeth gritted in anger.

“You’re going to pay for what you did to [name] you flea!!”

“You’re just jealous that I got to kiss her before you Shizu-chan!”

“Come back here so I can kill you!”

You giggle quietly as you hear the two arguing and chasing after each other. “Those guys will never get along,” you say as you shake your head. After a moment, your eyes widen and you place a hand over your mouth as the realization hits you. “Izaya kissed me! No wonder Shizuo is mad!”
For :iconflirathehedgecat:

Sorry it took so long to fill this request out! Dx why do I bother to apologize everyone knows I'm a lazy ass writer... This is my first request that deals with two people and it was pretty fun to do xD the requirements of the request gave me a lot of room for writing creativity so I hope I did a good job with it! Hope you enjoy :heart:

PS. for anyone who reads my stories there is a reference to a character from one of them C: Whoever gets it gets a hug and a cookie!
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MachinegunAngel Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2014  Professional General Artist
This was so sweet! It really cheered me up after a bad day <3
FireLightPhoenix Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Awww I'm really glad my writing could cheer you up! I hope your days get better and thank you so much for your comment! :iconsnugplz:
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What can I say other than it was great, hilarious.  I could imagine the whole thing. 
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christarenz Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014
i'm offended because my name is supposed to be yumi...
but overall i think you did a great job on this and i love the way you write shizuo!! uwu
FireLightPhoenix Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Oh I am terribly sorry if I offended you! :iconshockplz: I didn't mean to! Yumi was just a name I picked out of the air :iconorzplz:
But thank you for enjoying the story! I'm very happy to know you like the way I write Shizuo :la:
CuteCat213 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
And the punch was spiked and I wake up in bed together between BOTH of them~ (This is my headcanon, you will not convince me otherwise. ...I'd actually really like to request a fic that's ACTUALLY Izaya X Reader X Shizuo!)
FireLightPhoenix Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I will not stop you from thinking that because that would be my headcanon as well if this was a lemon :icondignitylaughplz: Hmm that would be interesting to write, I've never written a story with 3 people before xD maybe a new writing exercise? :meow:
CuteCat213 Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Please let me know if you decide on it~!
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