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     Namie stared quizzically at Izaya and took her hands off the keyboard. “What? Who’s coming over?”

    “Some guests , Namie. Could you help me out?” Izaya smiled as he set his binoculars down on the desk. His eyes flickered briefly to the staircase before going back to Namie.

    Namie realized what Izaya was asking and nodded as she stood up from her chair. She hurried up the stairs where Rie was exiting the bathroom dressed in her new clothes. Namie grabbed Rie’s hand forcefully and dragged her downstairs towards the apartment door. Rie’s mouth opened in surprise and she stumbled as she was pulled down the stairs.

    “Don’t worry, Ri-chan! We’ll meet again soon!” Izaya yelled as he waved goodbye to Namie and Rie rushing out of the room.

    Namie sharply turned right and headed for the emergency exit, flinging the door open and quickly rushing down the flights of stairs. Rie’s eyebrows were furrowed in confusion as she did her best to keep up with Namie who moved faster and faster down the concrete steps. “Where?” Rie asked quietly are she barely caught herself from tripping.

    Namie was surprised to hear Rie speak since the girl hadn’t spoken yesterday but focused on moving as rapidly as possible. “What? You mean where we’re going?” She briefly glanced over her shoulder to see a small nod from Rie. Namie shook her head and focused her attention back in front of her.  “Somewhere safer,” she explained after a moment but did nothing to elaborate her answer. “Let’s just hurry up and get out of here,” Namie said as she gripped Rie’s hand harder. Rie stared down at their hands in confusion but didn’t say another word.


    A sharp knock on the door brought Izaya’s attention away from the window and towards his visitor. Izaya leisurely walked to the door and opened it to be greeted by the man he had been expecting.

    “Hello there, Izaya,” Shiki said as he gave the informant a small nod.

    “Well, well, what a surprise to have you show up on my doorstep,” Izaya replied cheerily as he stepped aside to allow Shiki and his two bodyguards to enter the room. “What kind of work can I do for my best customer today?” he asked as he shut the door.

    Shiki sat down the couch and ran a hand through his hair as his bodyguards positioned themselves behind him. Izaya sat down on the couch across from Shiki and grinned as he rested his elbow on his knee and his hand under his chin. “So, how can I be of service?”

    Shiki reached into his pocket for his cellphone and flipped it open, scrolling through a few pictures. “I’m looking for someone, a girl specifically.” Shiki held up his phone to Izaya to show him a photo of a dark red haired girl with stunning golden eyes. “Do you know who she is and where she is now?”

     That’s…her. Izaya was surprised to see that the photo Shiki had was of Rie but managed to hide his surprise and maintain his cool demeanor. He leaned back on the couch and shook his head. “Sorry to say but I have no idea who that girl is.” Izaya casually examined his fingernails with a bored expression. “Why do you ask about her?”

    Shiki smirked and pocketed the phone, placing his index finger on his temple and his thumb on his cheek. “I got a phone call from a blocked number this morning with this picture showing up in my inbox. The person calling asked me to find this girl for him.” He chuckled and lifted his hand into the air. “Of course I asked why he thought I wanted to help him and the guy promised a large sum of money if I found her.”

    Izaya crossed his arms and snorted in amusement. “And you believed him? He could be someone just trying to toy with you, Shiki.”

    “Half of the money has already been transferred,” Shiki responded with a crooked smile. Izaya smirked at the man’s quick reply and titled his head to show he was listening. “And I’ll give you the other half if you help me find her.”

    Izaya narrowed his eyes and his smirk grew wider across his lips. This conversation was becoming more interesting by the minute. “Okay, I’ll help you out.” He slowly got up from the coach and strode towards his desk. He plopped down into his chair and booted his computer up. “Let me find some information on her first,” he said as he clicked around the screen with his mouse.

    “Why don’t you just give her to us, Izaya?” Shiki’s sudden question caused Izaya to momentarily stop his mouse clicking. After a second, he chuckled quietly and resumed his search.

    “What do you mean by that?”

    “Take off your poker face, I’m not buying it.” Shiki rose up from the couch and walked towards Izaya’s desk. Izaya frowned slightly and followed Shiki’s movements carefully with his eyes. “The person who contacted me this morning told me he saw you go to the hospital where she was two days ago,” Shiki started with a smirk. “And last night when you went from the hospital to your apartment, the girl went missing from her room. Coincidence? I think not.” Shiki scoffed and shook his head. “So, there’s only one logical explanation.” Izaya pretended to listen while he slowly and discreetly took his right hand off the mouse. “That was a part of your plan right?” Shiki asked as he stopped behind Izaya’s chair.

    Izaya smirked as he moved his right hand toward his jacket pocket to fish out his switchblade. “Well, you can’t just jump to conclusions like-,”

    “Let’s finish this peacefully, shall we?” Shiki suddenly reached into his holster clipped at his belt and pointed his gun at the back of Izaya’s head.

    Izaya snickered softly and calmly raised both hands above his head. “Well, well, this is so unpleasant, Shiki. Even Shizu-chan never pointed a gun at me before.” He tilted his head to the side in order to see Shiki’s reflection in the windows behind him. Shizu-chan is tough and throws vending machines at me instead. He let out a small sigh and smiled in desperation.

    Shiki signaled to his subordinates with a wave of his free hand to search Izaya’s apartment for any clues. “The person who contacted me also said to ask you about the girl.” He shrugged his shoulders and sighed. “I don’t like doing things this way but I already offered you a peaceful solution. I even offered money to you. But,” Shiki narrowed his eyes into angry slits and pressed the barrel of the gun into Izaya’s head. “You denied my proposal.” Izaya’s response was a simple smile and raising his arms more above his head.

    Shiki grew suspicious at how the informant could stay so calm and collected when there was a gun to him and his apartment was being checked. A white laptop on an empty desk suddenly caught Shiki’s eye and he lowered his arm to have his gun rest at his side.

    “Oh? Are you done now?” Izaya asked as he glanced over his shoulder.

    Shiki lifted his hand and sliced the air to have his subordinates halt the search. “By the way, where is that cute secretary of yours?”

    “Oh, she went out shopping, you know how girls are,” Izaya replied as he brought his hands down. His body relaxed since there was no gun behind him anymore and he let his hands fall limp onto his desk.

    Shiki frowned at the answer he received and walked to the door. He opened the door and stared at Izaya with fury in his dark eyes. “Be careful, Izaya. Kanto is not your playground anymore,” he growled before walking out the door with his men following.

    “Kanto,” Izaya mumbled out as a devilish smirk grew on his lips. He chuckled darkly and ran a hand through his raven locks. “This is not Kanto, this is Ikebukuro.” He stared at his palm and clenched it tightly into a fist. “This is my playground.” Izaya walked to the open door and shut it before reaching into his pocket for his phone. He dialed Namie’s number and was surprised when it rang once and went to voicemail. He dialed again, two rings before going to voicemail.  Izaya frowned and dialed the number a third time, again ringing only a few times before heading to voicemail. His smirk began to fall with each failed call, anxiety beginning to pool in his stomach.


            The black haired woman stared blankly up at the ceiling, her body sprawled out onto the concrete ground like a rag doll and blood splatters around her. Her phone rang multiple times in her open palm, but her body refused to let her move her hand to answer it. She sucked in air and slowly closed her eyes as the ringing filled the room and her ears.

C: Path of the Devils Chapter 7
My gosh this chapter took forever to write! :iconcryforeverplz: I was just so busy with school and couldn't find the motivation to finish the ending of this since everything I tried to write came out horrible :iconorzplz: But now it is finally complete and I am so happy about it! :iconhappytearsplz: This story is so intriguing to write and I cannot wait to write about what happens next! :la: I hope you enjoy and stay tuned for the next chapter! :heart:

Chapter 6:…
Chapter 7: Here~
Chapter 8: COMING SOON

DRRR by Ryohgo Narita

Basic Story by Rene Alexa

Written by Yours Truly! Meow :3

Steins Gate- This is why we can't be OTP by FireLightPhoenix
Steins Gate- This is why we can't be OTP
Because Okabe always has to ruin the moment xD
This is one of my favorite photos from the entire convention! I adore the humor in it and it's something the characters would totally do xD It started off as being something sweet for Kurisu to cheer up Okabe after a particular part in the anime but our photographer turned the moment into something like this :iconlaughingplz: Everyone who saw it got a big laugh out of it and I couldn't help but smile as well even though this wasn't the intended outcome I wanted. The best part is that I can totally see Okabe doing this so it's completely IC xD I hope you get a giggle out of this like I have and check out the anime Steins; Gate if you haven't because it is spectacular! Definitely in my top 10 :heart: Enjoy!

Taken at NDK 2014
Kurisu Makise: Me~
Okabe Rintaro: Boyfriend
Photographer: :iconmalfoy-uchiha:
Steins Gate- Quit Fooling Around, Assistant! by FireLightPhoenix
Steins Gate- Quit Fooling Around, Assistant!
Taken at NDK 2014
Ahaha just an extremely OOC and derpy picture I wanted my bf to take of me as we were waiting for our lunch to arrive xD I mainly thought it was funny when I first saw it but the longer I stared at it, the more I fell in love with it to the point of making it my ID on dA and my profile pic on FB xD Enjoy my extremely long and ginger moustache :heart:

Kurisu Makise: Me~
Photographer: Boyfriend


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United States
Hello! Thank you very much for checking out my page~ :heart:
Feel free to call me Phoenix, Jessica, Jessie, Jess, anything really~ I respond to most nicknames ;P
Some things about me :D
:bulletblue: Otaku who loves everything anime and manga!
:bulletpurple: Cosplayer (not very good but working on improving! :icongreatjobplz:)
:bulletblue: Shy and quiet around people when I first meet them, but am generally very random and loud when I get to know someone better.
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Huge thing about me is that I love to write anything and everything. I mainly write reader inserts but I'm working on expanding my arsenal C:

The main anime I am obsessed with is Durarara!! This show just gives me so many feelings and I love all the characters on the show. I'm mainly a Izaya and Shizuo fangirl though. They are hot! :iconpervplz: :iconsexyizayaplz: :iconsexyshizuoplz:

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Can't stop deviantart-ing by prosaix Never... by prosaix I wanna move things with my mind by prosaix Superpowers by prosaix Mental Wi-Fi by prosaix Sweet tooth by prosaix Night owl by prosaix More time... by prosaix I laugh at trolls by prosaix Sleepy head by prosaix I love kawaii by prosaix STAMP: Glasses by Emotikonz Just Try, Make an Effort by fear-the-brilliance Chocoholic by prosaix Hand sewing by RanStamps Pokemon by Toxic-Fox-Girl Pokemon Stamp by Magegirl-Nino DA Stamp - Video Games 01 by tppgraphics Stamp ~ BunnyZaya~~ by Judiette Spinzaya Stamp by Kow-Chan Chicken Kida Stamp by NekoNami Orihara Izaya Stamp by uchiha-itachi111 N stamp by KingdomKira Vocaloid Group Picture by azianwolfdoll Link: The Evolution Stamp by TiuanaRui Zodiac Stamp 'Capricorn' by Sharkfold Durarara Stamp by 07-GhostCrazyy :thumb138934231: Imaginary OCs by 2Due LoveMusicStamp by tRiBaLmArKiNgS OC's Are My Babies by Foxxie-Chan Writers Stamp by VampsStock Original Character Personality by Stamp221 Among other facets of writing... by ZeroGravityCroquet No Respect by MegSyv OCs Stamp by frene Character Stamp by Arpie I :heart: my ACTIVE watchers by StampsByNeekko :thumb347911406: Funny Pokemon Stamp by zafara1222 sarcasm.. by Numbuh-9 :thumb122651810: My Characters STAMP by NocturnalMelody9 No OC is 100 procent original by Faeth-design Benefit of Procrastination by fear-the-brilliance I Respect All Art Stamp Revamp by Sinister-Starfeesh Caramelldansen Maniac Stamp by HeruNoTenchi Cookie Stamp by pronouncedyou :thumb245838251: Wishful Thinking by whispwill Questions, Note Me by HanyouInny I appreciate all support :D by Timesplitter92 it mocks me by ajCorza OC Stamp by ChibiGem OC stamp by Suyy :thumb159537075: OC's are the best by birdewilliams Night Person by fear-the-brilliance Too Good For Words by fear-the-brilliance Move Things With Mind by fear-the-brilliance Procrastinator by fear-the-brilliance Forever lazy by prosaix

Beware of super long journal! You have been warned. Read on if you dare ;P

Heeeeey I am back from NDK 2014! I’m so sorry that I didn’t make a journal before I left, I was super busy up till the very last minute preparing for the con >,<” But I am back and OMG how I missed NDK!! It was so lovely to go back for my 4th con ever and it was as spectacular and wonderful like all the other years :3 This year did have more hiccups than last year but despite all that, I am so happy to have gone and I cannot wait to go back for another year ^.^ I went with my best friends :iconallofthehomo-cx: and her bf Zach, :iconmalfoy-uchiha:, my bf Clint, and a friend named Richard. I also got to hang out with the lovely :iconengie-delane: which I’m so happy she got to attend NDK for the first time! :meow:

This was my line up for the weekend and I am so happy and surprised at all the lovely comments we received and pictures taken! :heart:
Friday: Magnet Luka
Saturday: Sayaka Miki from PMMM
Sunday: Kurisu Makise

Alright, to the report!


We were originally going to leave Thursday like we usually do but :iconallofthehomo-cx: couldn’t get that day off work so we left at 6:00 a.m. Friday morning to get on the road to Denver. We did have two cars to take but Zach had an appointment the day of the con so he had to leave Thursday night and we packed all of our luggage with him and got squished into the second car x3 The drive went smoothly and we only hit a little fog but we made it to Denver around 10:00 a.m. We checked into the Hyatt (which I love staying at!) and chilled out while we waited for Zach to return from his appointment and give us our luggage. :iconallofthehomo-cx:, :iconmalfoy-uchiha:, Clint and I changed into our Magnet Vocaloid group which I was super happy to do! I’ve wanted to cosplay Magnet for about 3 years so it was amazing to do a whole group with all my friends :iconcblushplz: I made all of our headphones which took forever to do but was so worth it in the end xD I was Luka, Clint was Kaito and we had Miku and Gakupo We did get a lot of group photos but I think we got more couple pictures since we split off to do our own things and people like Luka x Kaito more than I thought :iconblushplz: People were so nice and sweet! Everyone was complimenting me on my costume and how beautiful I was and kept saying hello to me wherever I walked. I love cosplaying Luka so much and it’s so flattering to hear people say how pretty I look as her >w< This one guy called me Beautiful Luka before asking for my picture so that was really nice haha x3 I got to hang out with :iconengie-delane: who was a lovely Rapunzel from Tangled and mainly walked around with her until we parted. My Miku and Gakupo were feeling super tired from wearing their heavy wigs so we snapped a few pictures of all of us before they changed then Kaito and I wandered around the con for a few more hours by ourselves. We got a lot of pictures with just the two of us and a few people wanted to take more than one picture of us which was really nice. I also met a gorgeous Irisviel from Fate/Zero and we chatted about our favorite animes like Steins; Gate and Fate/Zero and how we worked so hard on creating our costumes. She was so sweet and such a doll, I’m so glad I got to talk with her! :heart: I stopped by the artist alley as well and got three lovely prints which I am super excited to hang up in my room. We were going to head to a panel but Kaito was feeling really tired and the line to the panel was really long so we decided to head back to the hotel and call it a night.

I actually found a picture of my Magnet cosplay on tumblr! This is the first picture I’ve really found of myself after a con so I’m really happy at how good it looks! Many thanks to the sweet photographer :heart: I’m in the second picture with Kaito :3…


We woke up late since we were so tired from Friday and it took quite a while for the whole group to get dressed xD We woke up around 10 am but didn’t get to the con till about 1 :icondizzyplz: I changed into my Sayaka Miki cosplay and Clint was Kyubey which I completely revamped from last year and I have to say that he looked waaaaay better this year than last year :iconsweatplz: It was so much fun to wear Sayaka again since I remade a ton of her costume and everyone seemed to enjoy the two of us >w< We got a ton of pictures taken together and I was filmed for two different videos which was super exciting since I haven’t had anyone film me before at a con :heart: One video was with :iconengie-delane: in her adorable Nepeta Leijon cosplay and we did the caramelldansan like derps xD  The other video was by a gorgeous Princess Serenity from Sailor Moon who did a full pan of my cosplay which was so flattering and kind. Unfortunately, I got a bad stomachache when we headed into the dealer’s room so I was incapacitated on the ground for awhile before I could stand up and move again >.< Clint was such a darling and bought me an adorable Sayaka cupoche as a present which I absolutely adore :iconyuiheavenplz: When I was finally able to move again, we regrouped with everyone and :iconallofthehomo-cx: bought me cute Madoka patches which I love! We chilled and ate some ramen in the hotel (always a con favorite) before heading back. We then headed to a lovely fountain not too far from the Marriott where we took pictures last year and took some more this year. There were some Madoka Magica cosplayers already there and asked me to be in some photos with them which was a blast and I was so excited to be with more fellow magical girls. My friend :iconmalfoy-uchiha: is such an amazing photographer and got some amazing shots of my Sayaka and Clint’s Kyubey after the magical group left. It was getting dark while we were shooting and the lights at the fountain were on so they made for a really pretty background. We wandered artist alley once more after the photoshoot and I bought another print and got some more pictures taken of me. Afterwards we headed back to our room and got changed out of cosplay to head to the masquarave but unfortunately :iconallofthehomo-cx: got extremely sick so we had to stay and take care of her. We all went to bed super late and crashed around 3 am.


:iconallofthehomo-cx: was still feeling bad so we decided to leave her with Zach and :iconmalfoy-uchiha:, Clint, Richard, and I headed to the con by ourselves. I changed into Kurisu Makise with Clint as Okabe Rintaro and it was one of the most comfortable and entertaining cosplays to wear. We didn’t get as many pictures taken of us partially because we were in the dealer’s room for most of the day but everyone who knows the anime appreciated and loved our cosplays. We kept getting compliments about how we paid close attention to detail, how we were adorable, and how we looked amazing in our cosplays. People loved how we carried Dr. Pepper around and posed with it (the main character of the show drinks Dr. Pepper religiously) and how we were about the only Steins; Gate cosplay that day. We found another Kurisu who posed with us and there was another guy who was freaking out over us and took a few pictures with us as well. We stopped by the Crunchyroll booth to pick up a free poster and one of the guys working there wanted a picture with us and said we were amazing and the only Steins; Gate cosplayers he’d seen. He also said we were the best he had seen which was such a sweet compliment :iconcblushplz: We stayed in the dealer’s room for most of Sunday and I bought a few shirts, wall scrolls, and a plushie, Clint bought me a petite Nendoroid and also a Sayaka pillow which is so squishy and huggable. The dealer’s room is where something super embarrassing happened and made me blush for most of the day xD The characters we were cosplaying are a canon couple so it makes sense what happened but it was still embarrassing. Clint wanted to look around the dealer’s room some more but :iconmalfoy-uchiha: and I wanted to get to artist alley before it closed so I gave Clint a kiss goodbye and some guy near us said “aww you guys are so cute,” before walking away. It was so embarrassing and I’m sure my face was matching my hair at that point >///<  We bought some stuff at artist alley then regrouped with Clint and decided to grab some late lunch and check on how :iconallofthehomo-cx: was feeling. We took one more walk around the con and headed back to the hotel to pack all of our things :iconcrycryplz: Once we were all packed, the con was about over so :iconmalfoy-uchiha:, Richard, Clint, and I headed to a park near the fountain from last night and took some pictures. I have to say that Sunday was the best photoshoot because it was so much fun to be in character and we got lots of wacky and hilarious pictures xD :iconmalfoy-uchiha: certainly got some amazing pictures which I cannot wait to upload soon! It was around 7 pm when we were done shooting so we all headed back to the hotel and played with figures that we had bought. Of course we made them do inappropriate things because we are mature like that :iconlaughingplz: We packed up our figures after a few hours of play and went swimming in the Hyatt pool where we acted like children instead of the adults we’re supposed to be x33 After swimming, we ordered some pizza, played with our figures some more, packed a little and headed off to bed to get up early to go home.

This year did have a few hiccups than I wanted but overall, the con was still amazing as usual and I loved going with my favorite people in the world!! I am so happy to have gone another year and I am terribly sad that it’s over xD Time for PCD :iconorzplz: I cannot wait to go back next year! It was truly one of the best weekends of my life and I am so grateful to have such wonderful people to call friends who could share this adventure with me :3 I love all of you! Let’s make next year even better! :heart:

Con swag I bought!


Sora and Shiro from No Game No Life

Kurisu and Okabe from Steins; Gate

Puella Magi Holy Quintet from Madoka Magica

Chrom and Tactician from Fire Emblem: Awakening

Lelouch from Code Geass


Sayaka Miki Cupoche, pillow, patch from Madoka Magica

Kyubey plush from Madoka Magica

Irisviel Von Einzbern petite Nendoroid from Fate/Zero

Steins; Gate Wall scroll

Madoka Magica Wall scroll and shirts

And that concludes my report for NDK 2014! I looked back at my other reports and found them quite lacking in detail so this year I really wanted to write a full report on my weekend even though it’s a giant wall of text :iconmiseryplz: Thank you all for reading this far! :la: Seriously though, if you make it through that huge pile of words tell me and I will totally do something super nice for you! It makes me happy when people take the time to read my journals all the way :iconsocute-plz: I’ll start uploading pictures very soon and I am so happy with all the lovely photos we managed to get this year! I hope you all are excited to see them as well :D

So now that NDK is over I’ll have more time to be online and write whenever I don’t have an excess amount of homework. I’ll pick up my to do list and try my hardest to wittle that down and start cleaning out my massive pile of messages :iconsweatplz: It’s great to be back! I missed all of you so much and I hope to talk to you all soon!

Thank you very much for reading and have a lovely evening! :iconbaibaiplz:




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HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You're one of my favourite writers and your Izaya fics make me squeal in happiness! Please continue to write and have a great day! <3
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